Ripino is India’s leading e-commerce online offering over 12000 thousand products cross 20+ categories including Books, Media, Consumer Electronics. Ripino is known for its path-breaking Cash on Delivery service. is the only online player offering services like In-a-Day Guarantee (12 cities) and Same-Day-Guarantee (13 cities) at scale. Its annual subscription service, Ripino First, is the first of its kind in the country. Launched in March 2016, Ripino has become the preferred online marketplace for leading Indian brands. Ripino, currently 10,000 people strong, has 1000 thousand registered users clocking over 2000 thousand daily visits. Ripino Digital has enabled it to deliver 200 hundred shipments per month – and this number is only growing."? Specialties: e-commerce. Ripino is an e-commerce company founded in 2016 by R.K Sinha and MK. The company is registered in New Delhi, India.